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Re: BUILDING your Link Popularity
From Andrew on 15 June '99
replying to Re: BUILDING your Link Popularity posted by Marco Piazzalunga

Perhaps i still don't understand. But how about this. As I understand it with Excite. If the page on another site that links to you isn't in their index it doesn't count to boost your rating. And since Excite generally only indexes the "home page" (and who puts a link to another site on their home page?)'s pretty tough to get a link boost from if you had multipul url's...hmmmmmmmmm :-)

From that I would think that the other SE's only give you the boost if they too have indexed the page with your link on it (reason to run a link:www.your-url through the various SE's and make sure they each have all the pages linking to you).

Are you asking if a link linking to "" will give a link popularity boost to "" (your home page) ?

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