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Re: Keyword Confusion???
From carl ballew on 1 Jan '99
replying to Re: Keyword Confusion??? posted by Nicholas

>>>because.....Plural forms pick up singular and plural requests, sunglasses should be first because I would assume that word would be in most requests(First word should always be the most searched word(phrase). Make sure the word sunglasses shows up in 3-6% of your words on your web page.
>>in theory, according to the books.
>>BUT...according to Web Position, I rank at the top for some plurals, and not among the top 500 for the singular of the same word on a couple of the engines. So I'm not certain that rule still holds true. I can't check the stats now so I can't tell you which engine. But it's frustrating.
>Plurals have gone the way of the dodo bird, for most competitive
>products. Sure, the SEs will still parse off an "s" before indexing,
>and index the keyword as both singular and plural, but they give
>a hell of a lot more weight to the plural. Pages that are trying
>to get in front of singular search strings need singular keywords.
>In the case of sunglasses, though, the singular looks pretty
>useless; 20-25 times more people are searching for the plural
>than the singular.

I agree with marge and Nicholas!

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