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spaces between keywords
From Brandon C. on 20 June '99
ok, I've read previous questions and responses and searched the board for this and am still not satisfied at the responses i see. Please clarify this for me and everyone else once again.

For this example, let's say this is for Microsoft's site.

If in their meta tag keywords Microsoft types:
"software domination business global"

If a surfer searches for "business software" at a generic search engine, will Microsoft's site pop up even though the order of the words are inverted and they are not next to eachother in the keyword list?

If Microsoft changed their keywords to read:
"software, domination, business, global"

would this make ANY impact on the location at which microsoft appears on the search engine?

If there are spaces and no commas between the keywords, will the average search engine mix and match those individual keywords if the search engine user searched for a phrase as opposed to one word?

If there are keywords separated by commmas, will the the search engine mix and match those individual keywords if the user searched for the same phrase also?

I'm sorry, if i've asked too many questions, and you feel that this question has already been answered numerous times, but i don't feel that there has been given a sufficient answer yet.

Thank you for your response.

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