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Flash and Search Engines
From Marc Hoffman at Poison Dart Frog Media on 23 June '99
I make most of my pages 100% Flash, so there is little or no visible
HTML text for the search engines to examine. Therefore I am relying
on a gateway page that is mostly HTML. This gateway page has an
invisible (2x2pixel) Flash3 movie that gets the URL to my "real"
splash page (which is all Flash). That way, if a visitor does not
have Flash3, they will sit on the gateway page, which tells them
how to get the Flash plug-in.

Long intro. Sorry. Here's the question: My invisible Flash3 movie
on the first page acts, in essence, like a Meta refresh, and
anyone visiting with the Flash3 plug-in will only be there for
a couple of seconds. Are the search engines likely to reject this
site on the same basis as a site with a meta refresh?


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