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Re: Flash and Search Engines
From Dennis Savoy on 2 July '99
replying to Flash and Search Engines posted by Marc Hoffman

>I make most of my pages 100% Flash, so there is little or no visible
>HTML text for the search engines to examine. Therefore I am relying
>on a gateway page that is mostly HTML. This gateway page has an
>invisible (2x2pixel) Flash3 movie that gets the URL to my "real"
>splash page (which is all Flash). That way, if a visitor does not
>have Flash3, they will sit on the gateway page, which tells them
>how to get the Flash plug-in.
>Long intro. Sorry. Here's the question: My invisible Flash3 movie
>on the first page acts, in essence, like a Meta refresh, and
>anyone visiting with the Flash3 plug-in will only be there for
>a couple of seconds. Are the search engines likely to reject this
>site on the same basis as a site with a meta refresh?

I can't answer your question, but we have 3 web pages with Flash,
and it seems they don't do has good with SE top ranking.
Other web pages we have don't have Flash and I find the ranking is better
in SE.

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