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Northern Lights
From Marge on 12 July '99
I just clicked on Northern Lights to check my ranking under the top two keywords, and I am FURIOUS.

you know how they give you "folders"...lists of folders that may or may not apply?

about the fourth folder down is a new to the net competitor. Now, I know this company's page quite well. I get a dozen or more visitors a week...because on every page of info they offer, they list four 'sources' or references...and a link to my page is one of them. I had no idea they existed until they started showing up as referers in my logs. I decides to just keep quiet about the use of my name, since I am benefitting.

Now, I've been on this message board for a LONG time; I know, and use, all the keywords, meta tags, titles, Hx headings, all that good stuff, and show up quite well on most of the SE's. I also have a lot of sites linked to me, so get traffic that way.

But this bozo getting a 'special folder' on Northern Lights really irritates me. I KNOW my site has much more information on line than they do...more per each item, and info on a much longer list of related items. So how come THEY rate their own folder?

anyone have any idea how Northern Lights makes that determination?

(and, yes, I've written to NL to ask them, as well...with a lot less irritation than I'm showing here. ;-)

any input will be appreciated!

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