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Re: Excite Dropping Pages?
From marge on 4 Jan '99
replying to Re: Excite Dropping Pages? posted by Alex

>Is anyone else out there experiencing similar results with excite
in which you have lots of pages indexed one day and then all of
a sudden "poof" gone? Once again... these are not spam pages
so we can see no obvious reason for them to be removed intentionally.

I had a couple of fairly low listings on Excite. Redid all my pages,
following Max's advice, and resubmitted about 10 of them.

that was two months or more ago. To date, NONE of my pages show up
in the first 999 listings on Excite.

Their submit URL listing says submit one page and they'll spider you;
Jim's page and several other guides suggest submitting more than one,
so I did.

I think, but I'm not sure, that I got "punished" for submitting
multiple pages. Since Netscape's Search function is now defaulting
to Excite, and since AOL uses Excite, the inability to get listed at
all is really bad. I've even gone to the length of creating some
special "doorway" pages just for Excite. nada.

according to them, I don't exist.

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