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IP Address Caching of Slurp@inktomi
From Dan at PerfumeMart on 17 July '99
I've recently changed IP's on my website and the DNS has been updated
now for 4 weeks. I kept the OLD IP address and Webserver active
during the transition so that any DNS Caching delays will not affect
visitors going to the old IP address. So far all traffic is now going
to the NEW IP address except some of the Crawlers like Inktomi's
Slurp, according to the server logs.

Does anyone know if Slurp will ever update its cache or do I need to
deactivate the old IP and Webserver to force Inktomi to update?
I'm concerned that if I deactivate the ip, the spider will just drop
the url instead of updating the DNS/IP entry.

Any Thaughts?

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