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Meta Tags, Title, All of the tutorial really-- need your opinion
From Danny at Online Gaming Station on 18 July '99
Hello everyone,
I'm from
I have not submitted it to a search engine yet but its not yet complete either. I've been reading the tutorial and from what it sounds like we'd be placed on the bottom of the search engine. Let me fill you in. Our page is hard to describe since there are so many words people use for it. But we're a large listing for guilds. You can call them guilds, clans, teams, whatever you want but these are for games. Such as starcraft group with members. Well we will list these groups by game and have a listing for each game. We also include a T100 which I really like for click back reasons. I'll explain why after this. Alot of our page is really to get other smaller or larger guilds more recognition and more members. Now for the t100 we have the 100 top guilds on it... and hopefully all the people wanting to join a guild can just easily go to our page and find what they're looking for. They would probably join the one of the top 5 guilds of the top100 also. Which would make guildmasters really want to put the banner ( I believe) on their page and have the members click it. So, we will have members clicking the banner coming to our page, people searching for a guild, and guild masters checking their stats + ALSO we will offer tips on making your guild stronger.

Now, heres my problem. My friend picked the title "Online Gaming Station" which has 3 big words (which will probably turn out 15 million) but they're not really related to our page..
If you can think of a better name for then please do!
We bought it for a different name then later found it was taken have been switching around eversince. Possibly Online Guild?? Station
Well, we have news on our first page, and we have lots of info all throughout it. So now I'm worried about density factor (also in the tutorial of search engines) we list the word guild quite a few times but we also have much more info. NOT to say they even use GUILD for their search.
Another problem is people will probably be searching game specific guilds (again if they use that word even) so we definitely wouldn't be in those! (except for links from those guild pages).

So basically I'm asking if anyone has an idea for the META keywords, TITLE, or how good/bad or density is and how to make it better without losing important information. The keywords is going to be a PAIN in the butt for me. We could be under guild links guild directory guild help improving your guild clan links clans guilds
group group directory then the individual games.

What should I Do??!?!
Check out the page if you are going to be nice enough to answer my question.

Thanks a million just for reading it!
Your input will be most appreciated!


P.S. pros--how should I go about advertising this page?

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