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Re: Spaces between keywords...
From Woz on 4 August '99
replying to Re: Spaces between keywords... posted by Jim

>>What would the effect be of having no space between keywords
>>such as;
>>blah,blah,blah,blah as opposed to,
>>blah, blah, blah, blah
>No difference.
>>Would whatever is lookin treat example #1 as one long, weird word?
>No, spaces and commas are both treated as "separators" so it doesn't
>matter if you use one or both. People prefer to use both because it
>makes it easier for humans to read.

Not True.

If you look back at some of Max's messages, you will find that
spaces and commas are the same until you put just one comma in.
Than everything before the comma and everything after the comma
become two keyword phrases.

So the answer is either
A) use single words with spaces and no commas, or
B) use commas to seperate a mixture of keywords and keyword phrases.



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