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We knew this all along.......
From Inachu at Help Desk on 10 August '99
A new study from NEC Research Institute study analyes the accessibility and distribution of information on the web.

The studys authors, Dr. Laerence and Dr. Giles, say search engines do not index sites equally, may not index sites for months and no engine indexes for than about 16 percent of the Web.
The study also included:
* Low coverage - Searc engine
coverage has decreased substantially since December 1997, with no engine indexing more than 16 percent of the publicly indexable Web.

* Unequal access - Search engines are more likely to index sites
that have more links back to them. They are also more typically to
index US sites than non-US sites and more likely to index
comercial then educational sites.

* Out-of-date - Indexing of new or modified pages by just one major search engine can take months.

* Delayed and/or biased rankings - Search engines may have economic
social, political and scientific effects.
Ranking of online stores can have economic viability. Delayed indexing can leading duplication of work or slower progress and may
affect social or political decisions......


This sounds more like a plot to force us to read what "THEY"
want us to read. Maybe the NSA is behind everything..........


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