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Re: non sense --> Is Infoseek and Altavista on strike?
From daniel on 19 August '99
replying to Re: Is Infoseek and Altavista on strike? posted by Jeff

>>I'm getting no results at all from Infoseek and slow at best from Altavista. My Metas and content are all in order and nothing is unusual, it seems like they are just not cataloging like expected. Anyone else having this problem in the last two weeks or can offer advice?
>AV is usually the most reliable of search engines but it shuts down
>indexing occasionally. You can use their "Advanced Search"
>to view additions by date. It appears that AV has added virtually
>nothing during the past two weeks.
>Other engines such as Infoseek often appear to me to be dormant for
>MONTHS at a time.
>BTW, my experience is that it can take MANY months to get listed in
>all of the major SEs (and a lifetime to appear in Yahoo)

I don't know what are you talking about. Infoseek is the best SE you
can find, good to me anyway.

AV and IS both takes about 2 days to index your page, I don't know where
did you get this MANY MONTH to get listed theory from!

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