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My meta tags are being overwritten by my host????
From Chuck at on 20 August '99
I ran my site's URL through "META Medic" Here at
and it found this info:
(Keep in mind, My site is an adult novelty site and server101 is my host....)
Current Meta Keyword Tag:

<META NAME="KEYWORDS" CONTENT="world wide web hosting, free trial, frontpage hosting">

Meta Total Keyword Size: 172 total bytes
Contents extracted:

world wide web hosting free trial frontpage hosting

Actual Keyword Size: 53 total bytes
Keyword tag: ACCEPTABLE

Space Utilization: 5.3%
This tag is less than 50% utilized.This tag is not being properly used. Consider adding more information to this tag.

Highest Repeated Keyword Count is 2
Keyword relevancy to page content: Very Poor
SET SIM PRO can help you fix this problem.
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O.K. Now Server101 is who is hosting my site, Why are THEIR meta tags
Blocking my meta tags? HELP PLEASE...
Chuck Wager

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