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Confused about frames
From Brett LaCroix on 20 August '99
A few quick questions about frames.

I am not interested in creating an entire site based on frames, but stand alone pages, that will be able to be listed when submitted to SE's individually. I know that spiders have problems spidering a whole site that is based on frames, but what about individual pages?

What happens if you have an entire (keyword relevant) page that will be seen by people without a frame compatible browser... and paste it on the frameset page below the frameset html... will the spiders treat it as a non-frames page... even though most people will never see the non-frames page, since most browsers handle frames?

I use FP98, and I noticed the portion that defaults to: "This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them." for those with old browsers. Then I wondered what would happen if instead of having "This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them", there was an entire html page relavent to the topic of the frames version.

It would be a lot more work... but would it work?

Not using frames is not an option, because the lower frame on the page needs to point to specific pages on someone else's site.

Any info/help would be appreciated.



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