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Here's how I just got indexed on Y....!!
From Jeff on 9 Jan '99
[shhh! I'm trying to keep this info just for the people here, so mums the

After two years or more of trying I just got picked up by Y....!

I've submitted to them many times and lately lowered my sights (a pun) to
the local listings. Still no results.

I subscribe to's newsletter (free and very good).
Last week's issue stated that Y....! now has an email link TO HELP PEOPLE
WITH LISTING PROBLEMS. "Yeah sure," I thought! It also occurred to me
that it might be a hoax.

Anyway I sent a two sentence email to them and four days later I
start getting hits via Y....!!!! So far I haven't heard directly from
Y....! by way of email.

Just checked and I am listed in the local directory under "Crestwood, MO"
a suburb of St. Louis with about 10,000 people. I did not submit to be
there. I wanted to be listed with about 1000 sites under the St. Louis

Incredibly my firm is the ONLY listing under Crestwood! Y....! must have
read through my site to where I mention that we are in the suburb of St. Louis
and decided Crestwood needs me more than St. Louis does.

But it's really not too bad. We still come up when someone searches for
keywords 'uniforms' or 'scrubs'.

And heck if someone is looking for a restaurant or gas station in Crestwood, well
we're the only game in town as far as Y....! is concerned.

I understand the help email is on their site somewhere, but it is:

I don't know if it really does a thing; our acceptance might be a

Keep this secret until you try it yourself. If it works, half
the internet world is going to want that email address and it will be
swamped. Good Luck.

One more thing: with Y....! It is is vital to choose your page title
and description carefully. Those are your keywords. (OTOH, you don't want
to look too greedy to the screening people there).

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