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Re: Spaces between keywords...
From Inachu at HELP DESK on 17 Sept '99
replying to Re: Spaces between keywords... posted by Woz


>>>>What you say is true, but in the original example given there were no
>>>>keyword phrases, only words. Therefore it wouldn't matter whether he
>>>>used commas, spaces or both - *in that example*.
>>>>If you're using keyword phrases then you would separate the words
>>>>within each phrase with spaces, but you would separate the phrases
>>>>themselves with commas.
>>>Exactly! Perhaps I didn't explain myself correctly.
>>>Thanks for the clarification.
>>After all the messages posted you guys forgot one thing!
>>If you are going to have more than 200 keywords then you
>>should not have spaces because when the search engines
>>spider(index) your site they take the spaces into account
>>as well..........
>>Just thought I'd put my 2cents worth in.
>Pardon me if I am missing something here and being unusually dumb,
>But if you don't put any spaces in, won't you end up with
>one giant keyword 200 letters long??
>If I am being dumb, sorry!

I meant like this example:

Lisa , doug, sam , bob
Its better if you do it like this:

I'll make an example of it soon on my homepage if I not already have done so.


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