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Re: AV's algorithm
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 11 Jan '99
replying to AV's algorithm posted by Cicciuzzo

>I'd like to know:
>1)how AV's algorithm analyses a page for relevance.
>2)how AV rotates its results in the index.
>Tons of thanks to everybody!

I believe that there's lots of info on this topic previously on this
board. More is known about AV than the other engines because AV <usually>
indexes sites within two days. It is therefore easier to experiment with
AV than the other engines.

From what I see, the page title is of vital importance. If you look up
"bananas" all the top sites will have banana in the title and often in
the first two words of the title. Keywords play a minor role, but it is
often possible to get a #1 listing without any keywords.

I notice that top ten listings will often come from the same time
period. Look up any word and you'll find many of the top ten were indexed
in the summer of 98. A couple of years ago, AV's top sites tended to be
the oldest longer.

I suspect that AV and the other engines build in some randomness into
their algorithm. I presume they totally rebuild their algorithm every year
or so. Also some sites dominate vital keyword ranking for several keywords.
Makes me wonder whether they accept payment for high listings.

How do they rotate the results in their index? No one knows except
a handfull of people at AV!

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