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Re: Porn-blocker
From Inachu at HELP DESK on 27 Sept '99
replying to Porn-blocker posted by Kandice

Here are some things to consider.

When a webpage is built and has these words in them and a company
makes software to block or spider these sites out then you
are doomed. no way around it.....
Another way to say that you page is business friendly is to use
the rating meta tags that say you are business friendly and
the site is "G" RATED for all people over all ages blah blah blah...

So once you have this rating you can not have links to porn or
alternative life style in the business webpage. If so
then you are just asking for trouble and or get a call from an
angry parent or lawyer or something to that effect.

But because you stated you have this stuff on your site I hope
I never see that stuff anyway...

Good luck,


>A web customer of mine recently told me that she was blocked out from my site as she has a porn blocker on her comp. I make fantasy figurines like fairies, mermaids etc. She questioned why she was blocked and was told it was because of the word fairy, that it was taken in the wrong context.
>Then I realized that under my domaine, I host another site which performs wedding services and has listed gay and lesbian in the meta tag keywords.
>Would this other site have "poisoned" my entire domaine because of those two words?
>Is there a way I could say that our sites are not porn sites?
>Should I now resubmit my site and the other one to the SE's or just let the spiders get around to them. I would hate to loose my current status in the listings.

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