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Re: Spiders, ASP pages and frames
From jtrod at The Wireless World on 28 Sept '99
replying to Spiders, ASP pages and frames posted by Bob Fabian

>I've been promoting my acupuncturist's website, but can't figure out if the major search engines can read framed, ASP pages. If so, someone suggested that I had to put the meta tags in the frameset, does anyone have any experience here?
>Thanks, Bob

I have been having the same challenges. I think you will find a lot
of answers if you search the archive here for 'asp'.
Some things to avoid are Redirects, name/value pairs using '?' in the
URL. That one could mean some major changes. I think that you should
be able pass most information normally passed in the querystring
by using forms and the request object, although this may mean
additional javascript/vbscript to get the feel/functionality you want.
I feel your pain. I need to make the same changes.
There is good information here. Check it out.

Good luck!

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