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Re: META tags keywords
From Inachu at HELP DESK on 3 Nov '99
replying to Re: META tags keywords posted by Igor

The best way is to keep it like it is and make a copy of that HTML
document and change it to like Igor was saying.

It not bad to also name the document crystal.html
this will also make your relevance on search engines.

Make 5 or 6 document with different meta tags and have another
without any meta tags.

So far I have tried this on 7 different website and it has been
proven very successful!

If you want examples of this jsut email me back and I can show you which ones don't show up and those that show up on the first
search page of any search engine (except yahoo)

>>I have a site selling lead crystal and would like to know if using this type of META tags keyword string would be considered spam.
>>crystal,lead crystal,lead crystal vases, lead crystal stemware etc.
>>you get the idea.
>I see a high repetativeness of words "lead" and "crystal". Some search engines that support partial search such as infoseek (partial search is where a part of your keyword string is matched against search term) might see it as spamming. My suggestion to you would be to decrease your repeatativeness, something like lead,crystal,vases,stemware. You might also benefit from building a doorway page or two for increased exposure for a specific keyword or a string of words. If you need more information on doorway pages, you can find some general explanations at my web page:
>I hope everything works well for you. Please let me know if this message has been helpful for you.
>Again, this is just my opinion, so if anyone else knows otherwise please let me know.

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