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I've worked on my site for months and No results. Please help.
From Wayne at Access Virtue on 6 Nov '99
My site located at is being killed when it comes to traffic. I can't get ANY new visitors and most of the people that visit my site I'd bet I know. I've been working hard on my site for months and I'm so depressed I feel like just killing off the site. I have next to no visitors yet I consistantly try to add my site to search engines. My site was kicked off altavista and I resubmitted it and it won't let me on. When it was listed, it did horribly.

Not a single search engine brings me in much traffic and I don't have enough visitors to get a good link trade with someone. I have no idea what to do.

I've tried lots of webrings,signed guestbooks, search engine submission,etc,etc and to no avail. Please help me. I've been really bothered by it. I tried so hard.
Thank you for your time.

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