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Re: Excite Issues
From Jeff at Ackley Uniforms on 13 Jan '99
replying to Excite Issues posted by GDS

>If you havn't noticed it yet Excite has been dropping a lot of pages from it's directory, or penalizing them for WHATEVER reason. I'm
>pretty angry about this, and I just found out about it, so I'll
>sumarize real quick - I was looking at my search ratings (I do about
>once every 3 days) but before I did this, I went through my stats. I
>noticed that I got about 1 hit from excite, which is my best traffic
>search engine, in which I usually get around 25. This isn't a big deal,
>but I like to monitor the art of search engine listings. Anyway, I
>went to and checked my listings for my desired keyword,
>and I wasn't in the top 300!! I first firgured that 290 sites (i was
>10th) came in and beat me at the keyword race. Nope - most of the
>people ahead of me weren't there either. I was still in the database,
>but couldn't find my page on any searches related to my page. It seems
>this has been happening to other people too! Excite has either dropped
>sites, or penalized them, and from what I've heard, they do it on a 90
>or so day basis, or whenever they update their database... Anyone konw
>why this is?? I would think if it was an error they would fix it, since
>many of the biggest search engines rely on excite's database to search
>from. If you didn't know, go check your site listings, it may have been
>dropped. I'm resubmitting my stuff every 2 weeks (from
>its pretty easy that way... any help on this is appreciated!

After months of trying, our new site finally got listed properly in
Excite just a few days ago. Maybe you made space for me!

Frankly I'm holding my breath because we got some great placement with Excite
and sometimes that doesn't last long. Been kicked out of Excite before,
and it's not easy getting back in.

There's nothing special about our site as you can see. No trickery,
certainly. Hits are WAY up this week. Only Hotbot refuses to index us
after many months of submitting.

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