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Re: I've worked on my site for months and No results. Please help.
From Wayne at Access Virtue on 6 Nov '99
replying to Re: I've worked on my site for months and No results. Please help. posted by kimberly

>Oops...sorry for the double reply...hit the wrong button.
>ANYWAY...I am going to offer my $.02. You need to have meta description and keyword tags. The title might contain a searchable word...the only real word it contains is Access. Figure out what words you want people to be typing in the search box when the search engine points them toward you, and use these words in the body of the site...especially in the first paragraph of text. Search engines don't see tables, so keep in mind they will force them to be linear. Alta Vista is a keyword-oriented search. Excite, for example, is not. It indexes according to words in the body of the site, putting you much more at their mercy as to how you are found. Bottom line, IMO, figure what what words or phrases you want to be found by, and use them! Look them up in search engines, and look at the source code of the top several sites. Do this for several engines. And use these keywords in the body of the first page of your site.

Ok, let me respond to everyone. Thank you sooo much for your suggestions. Your opinions have run through my mind often too.

First, I don't know if buying a domain would be worth it if I don't get much traffic to begin with.

Second, the site DID have meta tags, I'll put them back up so you can look at them. I was in the process of reworking the design and please accept my sincerest apologies since I failed to let you know earlier.

Third, It does seem like I'm experimenting doesn't it? It is because I was. I was trying to figure out a design that would work best for search engine submission and I don't think the one I have now is going to work out. I'll put up the old meta tags and you can see what might be wrong by tomorrow if you have time. I'm really sorry, and I hope you'll take the time to look back tomorrow at your earliest convienence.

The webmaster of the domain gets a lot more visitors then I do and said maybe I should make it more like a portal and that "news" wouldn't be necessary because people can go anywhere for news.

I made it more like a portal and I guess I need to focus on one topic?

The site I updated has the tags and the "news" is gone.

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