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Re: what are they teaching?
From menswearnc on 8 Nov '99
replying to what are they teaching? posted by boom

>I get this fax send to my office all the time, this company said that
>they will make me a site with six pages for FREE! It says that they
>are offering this so that their advanced "students" can learn from doing
>sites. All this and all I have to do is allow the site to be showcased
>as some of their projects, and oh yes sign a hosting contract for a
>YEAR so that they can "guarantee the site's high quality and reliability
>during startup". Anyway if you scroll to the bottom of their home page
>you can see a good example of SE spamming with text and bgcolor the same.
>Wait til those student designers hit the web, a regular monty python
>spammathon. Do you think this is on the up and up? HA!
>Anyway I got a kick out of it.

I'm new at this and received this fax at my office offering this service and I'm not sure how useful a webpage will be for me to spend thousands setting up a page so it peaked my interest. Where would I go to find out if this site is on the up and up or to find out more about them? Any ideas. Are you pretty sure it's bogus?

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