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Re: Can you ad pages after being listed?
From webmaster@devsystemscom at DevSystems on 16 Nov '99
replying to Can you ad pages after being listed? posted by Vickie Adelman

Saying "search engine" is a broad term here. Most search engines have an application running on the server called a "spider". This will take your indexed site on the search engine, and follow all of the links of your pages and index each one. NOT ALL search engines use spiders and keep in mind there are difference between "search engines" and "directories" such as AltaVista and Yahoo. There is a <META> tag you can add to the header of your submitted files called "robots". You can set the value of this meta property to "ALL". This will tell the spiders running on the search engine servers to follow "all" links on that page and index each page found. This doesn't of course guarantee your page will be indexed and submitted, as you must at least have a link to your new page on a page already submitted. The simple solution: SUBMIT THE NEW PAGE ONLY. I found a lot of good tips on this topic at hope this helps!!

Edward Frederick

>I'm wondering if once you've been "accepted" into a search engine, what happens if you decide to add or delete pages from your web? Would you have to resubmit?

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