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Re: I've worked on my site for months and No results. Please help.
From Wayne a different one at Seeking Sites Afar on 18 Nov '99
replying to Re: I've worked on my site for months and No results. Please help. posted by Wayne

Others have covered <META> tags, site organization and the focus of the site.

I will add two comments.

1) Since not all "search engines" depend on Meta Tags, the "top four incles/cm/etc. of your web page are critical. Some "search engines" just look at the <TITLE> tan and the actual words starting from the top of the page down - and when they reach their own limit (word count or character string), they depart - and that is what you "see" in their database. Chose the words near the top of the entry page (and subsequent pages) carefully.

2) Although *where* you host your site should not matter, it sometimes does. I think there was mention of taking out a domain name? I have one, but I also use "free site hosting" a lot. Some put up things at the top of your pages or a "splash" pop-up and such. Some free hosting sites do *not* do this. Those that do not - in my opnion - are where I would go. I think you are on a different side of the Atlantic than I am, but I offer a page of such web site hosting places. Take a look at the "terms of service" and some of the sites on those place with a "blinking star" (hint) on this web page.

And anyone wishes to send email and suggest others, that page has an email address at the bottom. The above web page does not cover the UK unless I accidentally put one on that page. I would be glad to add othes - if you have had good results using them.

You have already received a great deal of great advice. I just add my "two pence/cents" - your mileage/Km may vary. Best wishes in reaching your objectives.

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