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Payment Terms/Methods

Important! - Getting your commission (don't worry)

What happens if somebody visits deadlock.com?yourID one day, but then it takes them a week before they order, and they go back to the plain deadlock.com URL when they actually purchase? Won't your commission be lost?

Answer; NO! A person only has to visit your partner URL once. After that, your partner ID will be permanently stored in their browser's memory, so they can go to plain deadlock.com URLs for ever more, but you'll always get your commission if they ever order anything, and your banner will always be displayed on the pages. Try it, you'll see.

Your first payment

Before you get paid for the first time, you must satisfy either of these conditions, regardless of which payment method you've chosen:

  1. You must be a previous deadlock customer.


  2. You must generate $35 of commission ($350 sales).

The reason we're forced to impose this "speed bump" is to avoid people signing up for the sole purpose of getting a "quick discount" on their own purchase. That's not what this opportunity is all about - you're supposed to introduce other people. If you have a genuine reason for us to waive this in your case, let us know.

Payment options

You'll learn that having your Visa/Mastercard paid is preferable to being paid by check.

Checks: there are two restrictions. First, there's a 30 day "buffer zone" - if you make the sale on the 15th of the month, your check won't be sent until the second payment date following (6 weeks later), in case the customer asks for a refund within the 30 day guarantee period. Second, the minimum amount of any check is $35 (or £22). If you've generated less than $35, your commission is carried over to the next month.

Visa/Mastercard: no such restrictions apply if you choose the credit card method, provided you've got past the "first time payment rule". We're talking instant payment! Your card will be credited with your commission at the same time the customer is charged (within 48 hours of the order being placed). There's no $35 minimum, either.

American Express: sorry, at the moment we're not allowed to pay AmEx cards, but we hope to be able to soon.

Other: we're open to any reasonable request for payment methods, just ask.


On the rare occasion the customer asks for a refund, we must also reclaim your commission. In these cases you'll be kept informed of what's happening.

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