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Promoting Your Partner URL

You don't need to put too much effort into this. We recommend that you concentrate on promoting your own site, and link heavily to your deadlock.com?id partner site. Any traffic that finds its way to deadlock.com?yourID will be ingeniously multiplied without any effort on your part (read on to find out how).

Unsolicited email (absolutely not)

A condition of becoming a partner is that you don't send any unsolicited email with deadlock.com?yourID in it. Don't even think about it. If we catch you doing it, you'll be sorry.

Search engines (to a limited extent)

Firstly, the robot-driven search engines are out. You'll notice that your deadlock.com?id URL contains a question mark. I'm afraid this puts it "out of bounds" for the robot-driven search engines. You might have some luck on the Standard Directories, but bear in mind that you're not our only partner, and the directories will probably be full up with deadlock.com?id URLs by the time you read this.

"Tell a friend"

If you've been using the deadlock Web-based referral system, you'll know that every message sent has a tagline at the bottom inviting the recipient to visit the deadlock site to get a referral system on their own site. As you can imagine, this brings us a fair amount of extra traffic. Well, get this: messages sent from your partner site have a tagline pointing back to your partner site, so there's some extra traffic for you already.

But it gets better...

When a visitor to your partner site copies and pastes the code to set up the referral system on their site, all taglines point to your partner site so anybody using their referral system sends loads of other people to your URL.

Yes, it's getting confusing, but I'm sure you can see the principle: every visitor you send to your partner URL will probably end up sending many others. Like rabbits...

Here's a tip: If you're already using the Refer Me program on your site, you can now change the tagline to point to your own partner site instead of plain deadlock.com Just add this element to the form on your site:

<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="ref" VALUE="123">

Of course, change "123" to your own partner number.

If in doubt, simply copy the code from the Refer Me page on your partner site, which already has this code built in.


Even the deadlock Despatch is customised for you!! When a user subscribes from your partner site, any links mentioned will point to your deadlock.com?id partner site, not just plain deadlock.com.

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