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Setup Issues

If it's free, why do you need my credit card number?

We don't. It just saves both of us some time later on, that's all. When it comes to payday, if we have your card details on file we can pay you straight away, without having to chase you up to get your details.

If you don't want to give any details, that's fine, just select "I'll decide later".

I'm all set up. Now what?

After you've set yourself up, you'll have your own partner number. This identifies you, so we can easily dig out your record if we want to contact you, or if we need your details when payday comes.

The only thing you need to do is place a link from your own site to any main page on the deadlock site, with your ID number tacked on the end, for example if your ID number is 123 you might want to link to http://deadlock.com/promote/?123

Have you got any banners I can use on my site, for the link?

Sorry, no.

If you use a text link, with a good description written personally by you, as a part of your site, you'll get a far better click-through rate than you would with a banner, which says to the user "This is an ad, the webmaster is only displaying it to make money, not necessarily because they like the site".

Can I link a sub-page instead of the home page?

Yes indeed. All main pages on the site are "wired up" to the system. You can double-check; go to the bottom of the page, and if you see your banner that means the page is safe to link to. If there's a particular minor sub-page you want to link to that doesn't display your link, let me know and I'll wire it up for you specially.

Can I copy deadlock.com pages on my own site? It makes no difference, right?

Wrong! It makes a big difference. Your partner site does not "belong" to you, you're only renting it. You may not "borrow the furniture".

Any text you include on your own site must be written by you. We've done all the hard work for you, all we're asking you to do is come up with your own paragraph to describe your link.

This only applies to text, if you want to help yourself to any graphics, feel free.

What about site updates?

Your partner site is not frozen in time, it'll be updated at the same time as the main site, you only need to sign up once.

Why doesn't my banner appear on the secure order forms at livekey.com?

Your own logo is sitting on your insecure server. You're probably not aware of this, but if a secure page contains a graphic that's not sitting on the same secure server, the browser will not display it. Instead, a default image will appear to show an insecure element to the page, or worse still, an ugly warning message will appear. Since the secure pages are for order forms, we're sure you're willing to sacrifice a bit of customisation to ensure that the customer doesn't hesitate when it's time to place the order.

Don't worry, just because your banner isn't there doesn't mean you're losing the sale. Your partner number and your customisation are unrelated. It won't affect your commission.

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