Search Engines

This section is a guide, in plain English, to take you through the submission process step-by-step and to clue you in on special techniques that will push your listings higher. Just click on the headings to start.

  1. Get Streetwise
  2. In a nutshell, don't accept sweets from strangers. Some advice on how to get into the right frame of mind and a couple of things to avoid.

  3. How They Work
  4. Search engines come in three shapes: deep (true) search engines; standard directories and Yahoo! in a class of its own.

  5. Choosing Your Keywords
  6. It's no good having top listings if you've targeted weak keywords. Learn how to lay a strong foundation for your promotion strategy.

  7. Preparing Your Pages
  8. Place your keywords where they'll be most effective: <TITLE>, META tags, <BODY> and URL.

  9. Online Tools
  10. You need to be sure that every element of your page is "just right" before you start submitting. This is the fun part!

  11. Submitting Your Pages
  12. If you've got the Promotion Artist software then you can skip this section. If you're submitting by hand, read on...

  13. Yahoo!
  14. If you hang around this site for any length of time, you'll soon realise how important Yahoo! is, and how difficult it is to get listed.

  15. Common Questions
  16. I've been asked literally thousands of questions about site promotion. These are the ones I get asked the most.

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