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Getting Your Geocities Pages Listed

By Robert Brooks at:
Wallpaper Heaven! and Totoro Consulting
  1. Wait until the middle of the night (see below).

  2. Find pages on your server that no longer exist (404 error).

  3. Copy these URL's into a text file on your PC.

  4. Find *all* the associated pages using AltaVista's "url:" option. Do this for *each one* of the pages that no longer exist. For example, if returns a 404, do a search on: "" and you'll get several other pages by the same person, many or all of which will give you a 404.

  5. Copy these URL's to your text file, too.

  6. Now, finally... go to the Alta Vista "Add/Remove" page and nuke 'em! Plug those bad pages in as fast as you can. Maybe use multiple browser windows if your system can handle it. Speed is of the essence... that's why we waited until the middle of the night!

  7. As soon as you've killed off enough of the enemy, start submitting your own pages! Keep going until you get the dreaded "Too many pages at that site" error. But do it quick, because there is a steady stream of Geocities/Tripod/Angelfire/etc webmasters who are also benefiting from your largesse.

I was able to return Wallpaper Heaven! to AltaVista using this technique, and it also works for pages. I haven't tried it for Angelfire, but I'm sure the concept is universal. It won't help the dude who owns 600 pages himself, though, unless he deletes his own pages...

How do you find 404's? Look for pages that violate the server's policies. That's pretty easy; just look for something like this: +sex +****
(replace the **** with one or more extremely explicit words)

...currently returns over 300 pages (using a word starting with "f"), most of which probably violate Geocities' TOS and will be or are already 404 candidates.