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5. Online Tools

You need to be sure that every element of your page is "just right" before you start submitting. This is the fun part!

Go to: Web Site Garage | META Medic | Who's Linking You? | Domain Check

Once you've prepared your pages, you want to do everything you can to make sure they're perfect before you submit them, not just for the robots but for humans too. These tools should help you to fine-tune your pages and find out how they're performing. All these tools will take you away from this site so don't get lost!

Be patient after you click, they can sometimes take 20-30 seconds to work.

Web Site Garage

Check your load time, dead links, link popularity, spelling and HTML code. Before you use any of the code they give you, be sure to back up your original files just in case. Always stay in control of your own site.

Web Site Garage Tune Up Your Web Site Free:

META Medic

Check your META tags for free. Don't forget to download Tagmaster to write your META tags for you.

Check META Tags For This Page:

See Who's Linking You

Find out how many pages have links to your site by putting link: before your URL on a few of the deep search engines. You'll get a list of all the pages so you can visit them all and thank the webmasters.

Alta Vista:  

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