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Promotion Artist
Version 1.93

Submits your site to hundreds of search engines and directories using information and keywords supplied by you.

The demo version submits to only five search engines at a time, although the evaluation period is unlimited.

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What Do I Need This For?

Save Time

Submitting your site by hand can be a painful business. First, you have to find new search engine sites to submit to. Then, once you've found them, it's a case of filling out endless Web forms over and over again with the same info.

The Artist has close to a thousand sites already carefully selected and configured so that all you need to do is fill in your details once and the software will take care of the rest.

Avoid Mistakes

If you're not used to all the ins-and-outs of promotion strategy, don't worry. The Artist takes you through the whole process step-by-step. It's foolproof.

Stay Offline

You don't need to spend hours online visiting each search engine. It's already been done for you, by a professional.

When you do go online to unleash The Artist, you can leave it running in the background, beavering away while you enjoy some leisurely surfing.

Is It Worth The Money?

Unlike some competing products which you have to keep paying for every few months, you pay for The Artist only once, your registered copy will last forever.

Of course, The Artist will bring more visitors to your site so you can sell more of your product, but get this: many customers have written back to me saying that they had friends or clients who paid them to promote their site for them using the software and they made a profit!

Take A Tour

Screen-by-screen walkthrough, plus some extra tips to get the most out of it.

Won't It Go Out Of Date?

No! We constantly update the sites, add new ones and remove redundant ones. Best of all, as a registered user, you always have access to the very latest list of sites. This means you'll always have the maximum number of successful submissions.

Standard vs. Pro

In all honesty, 95% of customers opt for the Pro version.

The Pro version has been designed with webmasters in mind, or those who have many pages to promote. The Pro version does everything the Standard version does, plus:

Deep Submission

It's all about building the list of URLs of the pages you want to promote. The Artist will automatically "crawl" your whole site and retrieve the URLs, ready for promotion. No need to enter every page by hand. Your sub pages will only be submitted to the robot-driven "deep" engines (the rest of the Standard Directories don't accept sub-pages, only home pages).

If you have the Standard version you can only promote one page per session.

Batch Screen

Once you've filled the details in for one page, you can save all the info in a file, known as a "profile". You can build an unlimited number of these profiles, save each one to your hard disk, then add all the profiles to a Batch session. This will submit all pages to all engines, including Standard Directories. This is ideal if you want to submit more than one Web site simultaneously.

Is It Compatible With MS FrontPage?

Yes! The Artist is a standalone product and works independently of any authoring tool you happen to be using. All you need is Win95/NT and a connection.

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