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Categories Screen

Note: the robot-driven search engines don't have categories, that's why you won't find them on this list. I'm often asked "Why doesn't Promotion Artist have any of the major search engines on the list?" Answer: you're looking at the wrong screen (this one) where they're not listed. You'll find them all on the 'Sites' list (previous screen).

If you check the 'Smartcheck' feature, the categories will be automatically picked for you, based on the keywords you've entered on the 'Keywords' screen. This will save you a lot of time. If you prefer, you can click on each site on the left to see the categories within each site, and select them by hand. Considering there are hundreds of sites on the list, this might take you a while!

When you've picked your categories, hit the 'Save Profile' button. All your settings will be saved to a file, so that you can reload them later. For example, you might want to register two sites but keep the same contact details for both, in which case you would load your previous profile, change only the URL address (Site Information screen) and the details on the Keywords screen, then save the profile under a different file name.

If you want to submit all the pages on your site, click the 'Deep Submission' button (PRO version only), then Promotion Artist will magically "extract" the URLs from your site. You'll be given a chance to add or remove URLs before the submission actually runs.

When you're ready, hit 'GO!' and Promotion Artist will start submitting. Now you can go and do something else while it's at work.

Second Warning: if you want to save your profile, do so before you click the 'GO!' button, otherwise you'll have to re-select your preferred sites the next time you run a session.

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