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Further Tips

"Deep", "Optimize" and "Batch" are not available in the Standard version.

Deep Submission

When checked, Promotion Artist will follow the links throughout your site and gather all the URLs to submit to the robot-driven search engines. You'll be given the option to remove any pages that you don't want to submit after Promotion Artist has crawled your site, before you run the submission.


This will create keyword-loaded "mirror" pages of your site, which you would then upload to your server, to gain extra listings. This is not recommended because the robot-driven engines are increasingly penalising these types of pages, and these days they're likely to do more harm than good. The only reason it hasn't been removed from the program is because die-hard users from the early days complained when it was removed, so we had to re-introduce it.

Batch Submission

If you're only submitting one site, you usually don't need to use this. The batch feature is useful if you want to promote more than one site at the same time, or if you want to promote specific pages on your site, with unique details. If you have a very large site, you might want to pick just a few pages from it, rather than have Promotion Artist crawl your entire site (deep submission).

When you hit the Batch button, you'll get a dialog box where you can add previously-saved profiles to a "batch list". Then you can either save the batch profile to submit later, or hit the 'Go ahead' button (on the batch dialog screen) to submit all the profiles you've selected, in one session.

Viewing Submission Reports

The details of your promotion are saved in a plain text file in your Logs folder ( probably c:\webpromotools\Logs ). Open the text files in your text editor to view the results and find out which sites succeeded and which failed.

Re-submitting Failed Sites

Wait at least 24 hours, preferably 48 hours, before you resubmit. If you re-submit straight away, you're likey to get the same results because the sites are probably just busy.

Go to your Categories screen and hit 'load profile'. Go to your Errors folder, where you'll find files containing details of the sites that failed. Load the one you want (usually the last one, which will be the most recent) and you'll notice that only the failed sites will appear on your Sites screen. Go ahead and re-submit.

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