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Jim's Software Purchasing Guide

Web site promotion involves three stages:

  1. Page Preparation
  2. Search Engine Submission
  3. Monitoring / Analysis
The three software titles above are each designed to tackle one particular stage of the process, so if you can afford all three you'll have an excellent suite of programs to cover all aspects of promotion.

This page is here to help you decide which to go for if you can't afford all three.

If you're "financially challenged"

If you're short on funds then the $20 Tagmaster is the obvious choice. It'll help you at the page preparation stage.

Many customers who order Tagmaster come back later to order one or both of the other programs, which leads me to suspect that people use this as a tentative "trial order" to find out what my integrity and after-sales support is like.

Have no fears, nobody is ever disappointed :)

If you have to choose one

I consider Promotion Artist to be the "primary" program of the three. Search engine submission is the most important part of the process. You can't proceed to monitor and analyse your listings without first submitting, so if you want to start with one software program, this is the one I would recommend.

Promotion Artist is good for beginners because it's foolproof. You really don't have to know anything about promotion to get the most out of it, just enter the info on each screen and click the 'Go' button. Beneath its foolproof exterior lies a very powerful, complete submission tool.

Promotion Artist will submit not only to the major robot- driven engines, but also to many hundreds of search directories. Some people may tell you that submitting to these types of sites is not worth the trouble, which is certainly true if you're submitting by hand. However, if you don't need to lift a finger to do it then it makes sense to have 900+ extra targeted listings (most search directories are categorised or topic-oriented).

Promotion Artist is designed as a submission tool, it's not meant for monitoring/analysis. The "visibility analysis" is only for 'fun'.

If you're experienced, or want to get more heavily involved

WebPosition Gold addresses the final stage of promotion: monitoring/analysis.

Purchasing WebPosition Gold means you're interested in getting right down to the nitty gritty of site promotion: manipulating the major robot-driven search engines so that they list your pages higher up the list than your competitors.

WebPosition Gold does have a "submitter" feature, but it does not automatically extract all the URLs from your site (Promotion Artist Pro does), and it deals with only the 'top ten' (robot- driven) major search engines. Therefore, you shouldn't think of it as a fully- fledged submission tool.

If you want to "get serious" about Web site promotion, then Webposition Gold is the one to go for.

A few words about software in general

Don't expect the ownership of software to be the magic wand that will immediately give you God-like power over the search engines, it doesn't quite work like that. What it will give you is a big head start in the promotion game.

Like a Formula One racing driver's car or a soldier's weapons, it's important to have the best equipment to tackle the job before you. However, the equipment alone will not ensure victory, you also need general know- how and practice to produce the best results. The rest of this site is dedicated to giving you that "training", for free. I suggest you take advantage of my generosity and read it all the way through, then you'll have the knowledge to complement your software nicely.

If you don't have the time or inclination to study the info, I strongly suggest you spend your money on our professional promotion services rather than purchase software that you won't be prepared to use wisely.

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