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Inserts META tags into your pages using perfect syntax so that the robots are 100% sure to recognise them and index your site properly. Experienced webmasters will like the way they can change META tags in multiple files simultaneously.

The demo version times out after ten uses.

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What Do I Need This For?

Eliminate The Human Factor

META tags are for robots. Robots read code, so it stands to reason that you should use your own "robot" (software) to write that code.

If you write your META tags by hand and misplace one character or make the tiniest mistake (it's easily done), your whole META tag structure will be totally ignored by all the robots.

Avoid FrontPage

You may be thinking "well, I use FrontPage and it does my META tags for me". Yes, it does. Badly. You can read all about the way FrontPage butchers META tags in the November '97 issue of the deadlock Despatch. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Discover New Keywords

Tagmaster has a built-in library of 100,000 keywords. It'll automatically suggest intelligent replacements and additions to your existing keywords.

Spell Checker

If you include a badly-spelled keyword in your META tags, that keyword becomes useless since most people will search for the correct spelling. Don't leave it to chance, let Tagmaster check your spelling.

Edit Multiple Files

The template support will allow you to update hundreds of existing .htm and .html files in minutes.

Total peace of mind

Tagmaster is designed to eliminate all the mistakes you could possibly make. It's foolproof. All you need to do is download the software, pay $20 and fill in the boxes. It's bristling with pop-up help.

Is It Worth the Money?

Are you kidding? It's only $20!

Show Me!

Take a tour of Tagmaster.

META Tags Supported

Note: Many search engines are sensitive to line breaks, and Tagmaster will format all META Tags correctly on one line each. However, when importing existing documents, improperly formatted META Tags (with line breaks), can cause unpredictable results. Be sure to correct this in your source code to ensure best results.

description and keywords

See tutorial.


At the moment, the only resource type that can be embedded in a document is "document". Tagmaster is designed to handle this tag invisibly, with no input required by you.


Use global for major entry points to your site(s). Use local for local indexes, for example if you wanted your site listed only in regional search engines specific to a geographic area.


Places a legal copyright message in the automatically generated index file. "This document copyright 1994 by Bob Smith. Use for non-profit and education purposes explicitly granted."


This tells the robots how to index your site. Available options are:

  • ALL - Tells the robot to index all links and content on this page.
  • INDEX - Tells the robot to index the content of this page, and to follow links only if it's programming says to.
  • NOFOLLOW - Tells the robot to index this page, but not to follow any links.
  • NOINDEX - Tells the robot to go away.


This optional tag will likely be adopted by many major search engines soon. It offers the webmaster's opinion on the content's rating, ie. General, Mature, etc.

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