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Webposition Gold
Version 1.60.0

Core function is to monitor your search engine listings, produce reports of rankings and give improvement tips. Also offers scheduling, "gateway page" creation, traffic analysis and more.

The demo version monitors only three search engines out of the ten supported and it times out after 30 days.

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What Do I Need This For?

When someone queries a major search engine using a keyword related to your site's products or services, does your page appear in the top 10 matches or is it your competition?

If you're listed, but not within the first 10 to 30 matches, you lose, no matter how many engines you submitted your site to. Ranking well on the major search engines - and staying well ranked - is the key to bringing free, targeted traffic to your Web site.

Page Generator Page Generator creates HTML "doorway" pages based on keywords and details you enter about your business.This gives you a head start in heading to the top of the search list. They also act as alternative entrances to your Web site, giving potential visitors more ways to find you.

Page Critic Page Critic supplies expert, custom-tailored advice on how to optimise each of your new or existing Web pages. Page Critic knows each search engine's unique personality and how to build TOP ranking pages for each without spamming or abusing the index.

Upload Manager Upload Manager remembers all the doorway Web pages you created, changed, or added in the quest for a TOP 10 position. It's a goof-proof way to make sure new chart-climbing pages get uploaded to your Web site.

Submitter Submitter will submit any pages you choose to the most important search engines. Resubmitting can sometimes provide an extra bump up the charts, so the Submitter can be scheduled to re-submit regularly. It even follows-up to verify a site was indexed by the expected date.

Reporter Reporter checks your site's positions in the major search engines. Find out in minutes, rather than hours, how you rank on every keyword or phrase that is important to you, on all the major engines. Six different management reports provide more valuable information than any other product.

Scheduler Scheduler activates the Reporter daily, weekly, or monthly to automatically check your Web site's positions.You'll know immediately if a site stays on TOP, falls in rank, or falls out of the index altogether. This allows you to release a new doorway page or re-optimise an existing one before sales start dropping. Submitting can also be automated by the scheduler.

Traffic Analyzer Traffic Analyzer tracks your visitors and where they came from automatically without the need to download server log files or buy extra software. Traffic Analyzer answers questions like: "What keywords are people searching for to find my site?" or "Which search engines send me the most traffic?" and more! Information gathered by the Traffic Analyzer can later be used with the Page Critic to create even more focused pages.

Standard vs. Pro

Standard ($149)

  • Unlimited keywords.
  • Unlimited Missions.
  • Unlimited Pages.
  • Supports up to 5 different Web sites.

Pro ($349)

...is designed for consultants and Webmasters who service many Web site domains. Easily generate reports for all your clients, then bill them for your services!

Includes all the Standard version features PLUS:

  • Supports UNLIMITED number of Web site domains. Pay once and service as many sites as you like!
  • Add your company logo to all WebPosition Gold reports, and then give them to your clients!
  • WebPosition Gold product name will NOT appear on any HTML Reporter or Submitter reports. Your clients will NEVER know you used WebPosition Gold to do ALL the work!
  • Output to ASCII to export report data into spreadsheets or databases to customize special reports for clients. This gives unlimited flexibility in how your positioning reports will look.

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