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Web Site Promotion

by Jeff Frieberg

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Rates for up to 100 pages:
Preparation & submission: $399
Maintenance (per month): $125

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  • We highly recommend ongoing monthly maintenance (here's why).

  • If you do sign up for ongoing maintenance you can stop at any time.

We also have advanced services available if you want to go that extra mile. Check out our Textnology and Gateway services.

Before you email me, please check the FAQ page to see if I've already answered your question.

If your site is in frames, generated on-the-fly by a CGI script or graphics-based but lacking in text then you have problems. Please read about the solutions.

This Is What I Do

The Short Answer

I create special HTML code for you to insert into ten of your primary pages. This code allows your pages to gain much stronger rankings on the search engines, so you'll get more traffic. Most of this special HTML code is invisible, so it won't change the overall look and feel of your pages.

Next, I register all of your pages (up to 100) with all the search engines. Over the following months, I regularly check the search engines to make sure your pages are still listed well, so your site will continue to receive traffic.

The Long Answer

  1. Preparation

    First things first. I closely inspect your competitors' sites to see what you're up against! You obviously have sites listed above yours on the robot-driven engines otherwise you wouldn't be hiring me, so I analyse the reasons why these sites are listed above yours. These reasons are usually quite complex, it takes a trained eye to spot them.

    Stage two: I take a close look at your site and make a list of keywords (and keyword phrases) that I consider will bring the right kind of targeted traffic to your site. This is by no means a final list, I'm likely to chop and change this list as your campaign progresses, depending on the performance you're getting from each keyword.

    Stage three: I construct powerful combinations of keywords to place on ten of your most important pages (META tags, TITLEs etc. - you can read about this part of it in more detail if you feel the need), never forgetting the importance of the human click-me factor, then I'll send the info to you with concise instructions. If you would prefer to leave the installation of your META tags to the experts to make certain everything is done right, we can certainly accommodate for a nominal fee.

    Stage four (optional): TextNology© - this takes stage 3 a step further. It involves rearranging the HTML code and the content within your pages (and perhaps adding keywords at appropriate spots within the body of the page) in order to satisfy every requirement of each search engine's complicated algorithms. The end result: unbeatable pages and top rankings!

    Stage five (optional): Gateway pages - the ultimate way to prepare pages for promotion is for me to create them from scratch, specifically for promotion purposes (including a separate keyword-loaded domain name). The beauty of this method is that it needn't interfere with your site in any way. It's like having a second site with high rankings which collects all the traffic and delivers it directly to your main site.

    Stages four and five are not included in the standard service. Please ask for a quotation.

  2. Submission

    Robot-driven (major) search engines: I submit these listings individually, making sure not to spam them by over-submitting above their individual thresholds. I don't just submit only the home page and wait for the rest to be crawled. Nothing is left to chance.

    Yahoo!: I have a good track record with previous clients' sites when it comes to Yahoo! and I know all there is to know about it, but this does not mean I guarantee you a Yahoo! listing (see below).

    The rest: I have a list of over 1,100,000 'Directories' to submit your site to, including many special little places, for that personal touch the Mass-Production Promoters can't give.

    Because promotion is my full-time job (I do nothing but promotion all day - and most nights!), I know them all intimately, for example which ones will be offended by multiple submissions, and which ones welcome as many URLs as possible.

  3. Monitoring and resubmission

    I watch your listings constantly and keep careful logs of your page rankings on the robot-driven engines. If I see a page's rank diminishing, I pay special attention to improving it.

    I leave your strong listings well alone! This is the single biggest mistake other promoters make; they blindly resubmit URLs month after month - even if the listing is at #1 and can only move downwards (duhh).

    I have enough experience to set up your pages perfectly the first time. However, occasionally one of your pages might not perform as well as expected (by my high standards!) In these cases, I would make some alterations to the page before resubmitting, to improve the ranking further.

This Is What I Don't do

I don't guarantee a Yahoo! listing

Unless your brother or sister happens to be a Yahoo! reviewer, there is nobody on the face of the Earth who can guarantee you a Yahoo! listing. Having said that, I'm a master of the deadlock book of dirty tricks but, at the end of the day, if the Yahoo! reviewer doesn't like your site, you won't get a listing.

I don't give you a blow-by-blow account of what I'm doing

You're paying me to get traffic to your site, so please let me get on with it. I won't engage in long discussions about my methods, apart from giving you instructions on updating your pages. If you do want to discuss your tactics in depth, please sign up for a consulting session.

I don't guarantee sales, only traffic

I'll lead the horses to your water, but it's up to you to make them drink!

How To Measure My Performance

The wrong way:

Yes, I will get high search engine listings for your site, but this is a means to an end, not a result in itself. Let me tell you about my experiences...

In the past I've had clients who came to me with a list of keywords and said "we want you to get us high listings for these keywords". Several weeks later, when they had top ten listings for most of their keywords but still were not getting any more traffic, they wanted to know why. The answer: they should have let me do things my way instead of insisting on their own terms.

The right way:

The bottom line is, you want to see an increase in targeted traffic, am I right?

The way to measure my performance is quite simple: watch your traffic logs. If you don't have any detailed tracking info, ask your hosting service why not! Or, why not host with us? We have detailed statistics built in to our hosting accounts (including the keywords people actually used to find your site on the search engines). Please ask for details.

If you also want to monitor your search engine positions, I highly recommend a copy of Webposition Gold.

It takes up to two months for the search engines to index your site once I've submitted. You will not see results instantly but they will come, your patience will be rewarded.

This Is Who I Am

You're about to hand responsibility for your promotion campaign over to me, so you need to know you're in good hands.

First of all, I'm on the deadlock team. That speaks for itself.

Before joining the deadlock team full time a few years ago, I was a licensed Private Investigator. Computer adeptness, systematic persistence and dogged tenacity are all disciplines I learned when the Internet was in short pants. Search engines are just the latest victims of my trade.

I'm a wordsmith, with a BA in Classical English Literature. I'm also a published writer, poet and fiction author. I only mention this to indicate my skill when it comes to squeezing keywords into short sentences to maximise keyword density.

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